AmonRay Life Skills

Doing the biologically right thing feels effortless, simple, relieving, and joyful. It boosts your energy. It rewards you with optimal health, wellbeing, and greatest success, granted by the Laws of Nature.

Do you believe you count ?
Doing the right thing is a lasting Win-Win.

With empathy and passion I serve you with my in-depth scientific understanding of the natural playground of human life - Human Biology.

As your Thriving Mentor I guide you to find and live your right thing. I teach and coach fundamental biological life skills and gently assist your progress with neurofeedback.

Would you like to give it a try?

What if there was much more to Life ...
than suffering and a continuous struggle not to suffer even more ?

May I pilot you there ?

 AmonRay Services

You count.  Invest in your Self.
Your Secure Life-long Benefits are granted by the Laws of Nature.

I am here for you 7 days a week one-on-one. On appointment I serve you worldwide conveniently online by phone, FaceTime, TeamViewer, or Skype. Please check my Office Hours.

Note: EEG Recording and enhanced Neurofeedback entrainment require special equipment. If you own such equipment I assist you online worldwide. Else, I kindly invite you to my office on appointment. Please find me here: Office Location.

I am passionate to assist you.