Institute for Human Biology

About AmonRay

Following an intuition, Martin Gremlich created AmonRay in 2009. AmonRay is not a conventional company. It is a spiritual vessel to serve humanity with practical application of the insights of the natural human science Human Biology.

AmonRay builds important bridges between ancient wisdom and natural science to the benefit of all.

The Spirit of AmonRay

AmonRay's Spirit reflects in the name.

Amon honours the ancient Egyptian king of gods Amon Ra, the protector of the troubled, the god of wisdom and light. Amon Ra is the patron of AmonRay's mission to serve you with empowerment, understanding, confidence, health, wisdom, light and joy.

as in sun rays symbolizes the natural symphony of energies such as light, Chi, Mana, the Field, natural electromagnetics, the Schumann heartbeat of planet Earth, sound waves, the fantastic interplay of brainwaves etc.

Quantum Physics and Biology confirm: The universe is about waves, vibrations, an infinite miracle of energy rays.

Our Values and Ethics

Thriving is very much also a matter of the heart. The core values that motivate and guide us to serve you to thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually are:

  •   Reliability, Sincerity, Tolerance 
  •   Appreciation, Kindness, Gentleness
  •   Empathy, unconditional Love, Respect

Our scientific role model is the great philosopher Aristotle who is respected by many as the greatest natural scientist in historical times. We do our best to walk in his footsteps scientifically and ethically.

Aristotle's scientific principles are:

  •   Unbiased, consequent, and systematic logic. 
  •   Search for unprejudiced answers to clear questions.
  •   Knowledge is public, not to be withheld or abused.

About Martin H. Gremlich

Martin’s message to You

"At all times, there is only one single driver of your body and mind, the biological vehicle of your soul. The driver is at all times You ...

Nobody can do the driving for you ever. It is in your interest alone to learn to drive your body-mind vehicle skilfully. It’s actually quite simple: Respect the biology of being human.

Your life-long benefit:
A smooth, healthy, joyful, satisfying ride; granted by the Laws of Nature."

Why Martin does this

Martin was born 1954 in Zürich, Switzerland, into a society traumatized by recent WW2 and the beginning of the Cold War. Society was then - as it is today - fear-driven and emotionally severely self-neglecting. Martin experienced an emotionally difficult childhood.

As a child, Martin noticed that adult humans continuously worry and suffer for reasons that are exclusively man-made. It appeared to him that no other species on the planet seems to make their own life mutually so difficult.

Martin became insatiably curious about "what makes us humans tick and why". 

Driven by great empathy for his emotionally struggling parents and by a strong aversion against getting conditioned by society’s self-destructive dogmas and beliefs, Martin made it his mission to do something about perfectly avoidable human suffering.

Entering university, he was shocked to find that there is no modern science that studies and teaches ideal human life conditions and ideal human behaviour. Our society and educational systems do not have any scientific concept of physical and mental health. We are without any scientific direction towards an optimal human life.

It became Martin’s passion and mission to research and develop such scientific guidelines. He became a Human Biologist – a pioneering expert in the interdisciplinary natural science of optimal human life and behaviour.

To make a living, Martin studied natural sciences at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETHZ. He became an airline pilot with Swissair and simultaneously was appointed the airline’s human factors expert with the task to improve crew performance and flight safety.

In 1994 he ended his career as an active airline captain to dedicate his full capacity and unique expertise to assist others.

At present, Martin lives his purpose to serve you personally with AmonRay (since 2009) and as founder and executive senior scientist of the industry-independent Institute for Human Biology (since 2015).

Martin’s Message to Science and Education

"At this point, we certainly do not need any further research to gather even more information in human sciences.

Instead, in order to improve human quality of life individually and globally, we urgently need to start sorting out. We urgently need to make beneficial logical sense and practical use of the overwhelming amount of interdisciplinary information from all specialized modern sciences we already have."

Martin H. Gremlich  M.Sc.Nat. ATP    
Executive Owner, Human Biologist, Thriving Mentor