Applied Human Biology

AmonRay Life Skills  &  Brain Support

With AmonRay I pilot you beyond where the powers of intrusive medication, medical and psychiatric treatments and therapies end.

I assist you to engage your own hidden biological potential to recover from any condition, energize, and optimize your body, emotions, and mind.

I gently guide you towards your joyful, stable, and optimal systemic well-being.

Martin H. Gremlich  MSc.Nat., ATP
Human Biologist
Life Skills, Sleep, Stress, and Trauma Expert, Neurofeedback, qEEG Brain Profiling

Benefits You may Expect

The Brain
  • Improved Sleep
  • Anxiety and Stress Relief
  • Harmonized Relationships
  • Empowered Memory and Focus

  • Enhanced Motivation, Joy, Ease of Life

... and much more.

Presently, my approach to your well-being is unique out there. I apply Human Biology, the logical natural science of optimal human health and behaviour, a science that is not taught at medical schools.

In other words:
You may count on Positive Results; they are granted by the Laws of Nature.

There is Much More to Your Life ...

... than suffering and occasional not-suffering if you are "lucky".
May I assist you?

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With AmonRay I personally serve you either at my office or conveniently online one-on-one by FaceTime or Skype.

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I am passionate to assist you.  

 Life Skills

What are Life Skills?

Life Skills are non-negotiable biological conditions to live a healthy, joyful, fulfilling, and abundant life with a human organism. Most likely, you were not taught many of these skills by your parents or at school.

Life Skills are the art of driving the biological vehicle of your soul - your body, emotions, and mind - in accordance with its optimal performance, biological requirements, and biological limitations joyfully along the path of your life's journey.

Life Skills are skills such as

  • Breathing optimally

  • Practicing optimal sleep hygiene

  • Consuming an optimal diet at the right time of the day

  • Practicing mental hygiene and compassionate emotional self-care

  • Doing the right type of physical and mental activity at optimal times of the day

  • Creating a living environment your body and mind can optimally cope with

  • Respecting and following your emotional and intuitive guidance

  • Acquiring and cultivating beneficial habits

  • Avoiding detrimental distractions

etc. etc.

My passion is your personal joyful living with a healthy human body vehicle, your systemic physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual thriving.

Are you aware that

Your Thriving alone already makes the World a Better Place for us All ?

I gently pilot you there.